Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Staff Development Survey

This year we have worked extremely hard to provide the teachers of the Rio School District with the opportunity to attend quality Professional Development hosted by many of our own teachers and other experts in the community. We would like your feedback by your completing the following survey to best determine what our offerings for next year should be.

1. Rank each staff development opportunity 1 – 5, with 1 being not needed, and 5 being most definitely needed.
2. Click on the bubble, word vote, and then go back to the survey for each item.
3. Click on comment at the bottom of the survey to suggest any other areas of Staff Development you feel are needed for
next year. Also if you choose one of the CTAP selections as being needed, please elaborate about the specific topics you
would like to be trained on.
4. Extra Directions for posting a comment:
a. At the bottom of the survey, you should see a pencil and "comments".
b. Click on that link and you will get a blank box to type a suggestion in.
c. Click on the bubble next to "Anonymous".
d. The comment will be stored and posted later.

The survey is anonymous and we will only be able to see to the total amount of people who have completed the survey at each site. Thank you for your time and effort.